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Whether it's an heirloom redesign, an eye-catching engagement ring, or a statement piece of jewelry, we'd love to bring your vision to life!

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Our custom offerings are in full swing & open to anyone looking for something unique & eye-catching.

Learn more about our custom process below!


You get the general idea!


First things first, you’ll send us some notes about what you’re envisioning via our custom form below!


Next we’ll review & then connect with you via email to figure out a time for a virtual (or in-person!) consultation.


Once we’ve met, agreed on the general design idea, and receive an initial deposit, the design process begins!


When you approve your custom sketches, we'll get your piece into product and it will be ready in 2-4 weeks!


Let's get those questions answered!

Can I use any heirloom gemstones?

We'll be able to assess this on a case-by-case basis! Some stones may be too small or some may be too worn over the years to safely use in a new design.

Heirloom material is considered "higher risk" due to unsetting and resetting.

Please note Crevette will not be liable for any damage to heirloom or client stones or settings that may occur during the production process. 

Can I melt down my gold to be used in my new design?

Melting down gold and mixing with new gold can lead to porosity and structural integrity issues in the final design. Unless otherwise requested by the client, we will return all metal & leftover gemstones to you!

How do I pay for custom projects?

Great question!

After we meet with you, we'll send you an invoice for 50% nonrefundable deposit before any work (design, sourcing or CAD) commences.

If we are sourcing stones, we will send another invoice to bring the amount paid to 75% of the total project price once the stone(s) is selected.

The remainder of the project amount is due at the time of completion before we are able to ship out your project.

Can I change my custom design after I've already started the process?

To a certain extent, yes! Please note that additional fees may incur though.

For example, any changes beyond the initial complimentary round of changes to design and CAD will incur a fee.

Once a piece has been approved to cast, changes cannot be submitted. If modifications are required beyond this point, they will be made at the expense of the client.

Can I insure my custom design!

Yes! We highly recommend insuring your new jewels.

For pieces over $5,000 retail, we offer complimentary appraisals as that typically is the amount that insurance companies require appraisals.

If you would like to add an appraisal to your custom design, please let us know!

Can I return my custom design?

Since your project was intentionally made for you, we do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges of any kind.

We're sure you're gonna love your piece!


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